Implementing an IoT Edge Devices while keeping NRE low

A new breed of designers has arrived that is leveraging inexpensive sensors to build the intelligent systems at the edge of the IoT. Hardware design is on the rise. One designer in a garage, a small startup, small to mid-size companies, and even small groups within large companies with a “startup attitude” are designing IoT edge devices. These designers need to keep non-recurring expense (NRE) down by using affordable design tools that are easy to use to quickly produce results and by minimizing IP and fabrication costs.

Their goal is to deliver a functioning device to their stakeholders while spending as little money as possible to get there. They require a proof-of-concept in order to make a fast go/no-go decision and then they rapidly implement solutions using integrated tool flows that allow them to quickly develop hardware, embedded software, and unique formfactor PCBs.



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