Creating Higher Performance, Lower Power IoT devices while eXecuting-in-Place (XiP)

As demand for higher performance, lower power consumption and lower cost continues relentlessly, system designers find that existing embedded solutions no longer meet requirements. Switching from embedded flash or SRAM to eXecute-in-Place (XiP) technology holds great promise for small embedded systems, but as many designers know, building a system with XiP requires solving key challenges in terms of performance and system cost. In this webtalk, Gideon Intrater, CTO of Adesto Technologies, presents a new approach for designing a XiP-based system that overcomes the performance and cost issues associated with existing MCUs and Flash devices.


Establishing a root of trust to secure the IoT

Security is not something that any developer can ignore. It is no longer safe, for the OEM or their customers, to assume that their product or service is immune to cyber attacks. The sheer size of the...

Securing the smart and connected home

With the Internet of Things and Smart Home technologies, more and more devices are becoming connected and therefore can potentially become entry points for attackers to break into the system to steal,...

Acoustic MEMS - letting systems listen to the world

Ambient intelligence is fast becoming a mainstream technology. Many homes now have some form of smart speakers that understand spoken commands. Car dashboards and navigation systems use voice control ...

Mass Connectivity in the 5G Era

5G will achieve faster transmission rates, more powerful data exchange networks, and more seamless real-time communication, which will enable tremendous growth for advanced and innovative connectivity...


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