Electrical resistance materials, thermoelectric materials and passive components

Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most important manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement as well as of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

Leaders in Current Measurement

In the field of precision measurement technology, Isabellenhütte sets standards when it comes to measuring current, voltage and temperature the automotive industry, as well as in industrial and regenerative energy production systems. Isabellenhütte offers precision measurement systems with exceptional performance characteristics under the brand ISAscale®. In this way, the tried-and-tested IVT-MOD sensor can be adapted to a wide range of applications. For example, the customer can choose from a comprehensive component pool due to the modular design and can configure an application-specific shunt-based IVT-MOD that meets the requirements exactly. Additional Information.

Precision and power resistors

Low-ohmic precision and power resistors ensure the best-possible measurements in the smallest spaces due to the low ppm of our precision alloys. With the production technologies ISA-PLAN® and ISA-WELD®, the company meets even the most demanding requirements. Whether standard modules or high power resistors, our products meet the highest standards for temperature coefficients (TCR), thermal stress, long-term stability, inductance and capacitance. At least one (of course AEC-200-qualified) Isabellenhütte resistor is on-board in every car that has been manufactured in Europe. The aerospace industry has also relied on high-performance resistors from Isabellenhütte for many years. Additional Information.

Alloys of the highest tolerance classes

Isabellenhütte alloys are among the most high quality conductors on the market. The resistance alloys Noventin®, Manganin® and Zeranin® are used in passive components while the thermoelectric alloys achieve the highest tolerance classes. (Download Brochure).

ISA-CON® copper-chrome alloys are characterized by their unique combination of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity. In addition, together with the customer, new materials can be developed in the sample furnace for smaller quantities up to 200 kg. Additional Information.

Research and development

Isabellenhütte is a technological leader - and we want to stay that way. That is why we act instead of react. True to this motto, Isabellenhütte is currently researching energy recovery from exhaust gases via thermoelectric half-Heusler material. A half-Heusler production was developed for this purpose. The goal is to produce large quantities of the thermoelectric material. There is a lot of potential with this research project. Among others, the entire automotive industry, as well as end users, will benefit from this.


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