Common and differential mode noise AC filtering

Almost every design engineer today get challenged by the demand for miniaturization to reduce space, weight and overall size. Within external and internal power supplies working with 230VAC noise filtering is mandatory to comply with European and global EMI reduction rules. When it comes to filtering through chokes the magnetic material plays a major role to comply with that. Development in that area is focusing on increased permeability to reduce size or increase filter performance. The new KEMET series SSRH7H and HS is using the latest material straight from our internal material development.

The webinar will show you which components will help you to reduce size and weight while keeping the performance of filtering on the same level. Also different winding technologies are changing filtering behavior and the webinar will guide you how to choose the right magnetic filter.



  • Michael Freitag is Director Magnetics Product Management EMEA. Working for KEMET Electronic since 2004 Michael has been in various positions in Sales, business development and European technical leadership latest before he changed to enhance the product management team for products of the acquired Japanese TOKIN corporation to find homes for the high performing products.



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