Compact Temperature Control for Medical Diagnostic and Analytical Instrumentation

Operating temperature fluctuations in medical diagnostic and analytical instrumentation equipment can significantly affect the test results and shorten the life of reagents or samples. The use of space-saving thermoelectric assemblies can solve this problem and provide temperature stability and condensation protection for analytical and medical instrumentation. The advantages of thermoelectric assemblies over other cooling technologies are precise temperature control, compactness, faster temperature ramp rates, better efficiency, greater reliability and lower noise.

The trend to miniaturize medical diagnostic and analytical instrumentation to free up precious lab space has led engineers to pack more functionality into a tighter space constraint. This increases the heat flux by packing electronics in a smaller footprint and has led to thermal challenges. Waste heat must be efficiently managed to meet conflicting requirements of increased performance with reduced power consumption and quieter operation all in a compact design…



Defining IoT and Industry 4.0 with embedded systems

Embedded systems play a vital role in both characterizing and developing the Internet of Things as well as in creating new processes in automation. They address several requirements of IoT solutions a...


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