Car-to-car communication: IEEE802.11p ahead of LTE-V2V for safety critical applications

Car-to-car communication is attracting significant attention as it promises to drastically reduce road fatalities, improve mobility and enable a high-level of vehicle automation. Supporting safety critical applications is at the core of car-to-car communication, and for years, the technology of choice for V2X has been IEEE802.11p. Recently, a new standard addressing V2X applications has started evolving under the umbrella of 3GPP, whose focus is mobile broadband standardization. Because the safety of millions of road users will depend on the performance of these technologies, it is important to compare them.

There are several relevant facts important to highlight when comparing IEEE802.11p to LTE-V2X: IEEE802.11p is ready now, LTE-V2X is not. Today, IEEE802.11p-based products are available on the market from multiple silicon vendors. Some Tier1s have complete solutions available. In contrast, there is no LTE-V2X product available in the market today, and it will most likely...



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