How to Choose a Standard Embedded Computing Module: SMARC vs Q7 vs COMe

SGET SDT 0.1* chairman and Kontron Senior Product Manager Martin Unverdorben breaks down this complex decision making process in Kontron’s 2-part webinar. In these webinars, Martin will provide a clear understanding and history of each form factor including information on its origin and why we are using it. In addition, he will compare the 3 form factors with regard to interfaces, functionality, standardization, future outlook and market coverage. Martin will also provide examples including a decision matrix. These webinars are perfect for those who design and implement applications.

*) SGET SDT 0.1 is the specification group for the SMARC standard.


  • Martin Unverdorben, Product Manager SMARC and SGET SDT 0.1 chairman. After his degree in electronic engineering Martin worked as a technical trainer in the telecommunication market before he joined Kontron in the year 2000 as a Field Application Engineer. Today he is Product Manager for SMARC and also explains customers how to use and how to design in computer-on-modules in regular trainings. In his spare time he follows the maker culture, likes social media and enjoys paragliding the mountains.



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