Automating the industry with TI Low Power Microcontrollers

This joint webinar from TI & Mouser covers the differentiation MSP low-power microcontrollers offer in factory automation and industrial systems. In this session explore how lower power, higher analog resolution and smaller size contribute to applications ranging from industrial communications to flow metering. Join the live session to get a closer look at the latest FRAM and ARM® microcontroller offerings from TI while diving into key TI Reference Designs.

This Webinar is available on demand now in English and in German language!


  • Tobias Leisgang is Systems Engineering Manager for Texas Instruments’ MSP430 MCU family.

  • William Cooper is Product Marketing Engineer at MSP Microcontrollers.

Watch the video on demand and get the opportunity to win a Texas Instruments’ Industrial LaunchPad

Only until October 20th, 2015

To participate follow the following instructions:

  1. Login in to access the quiz link
  2. Answer all 5 questions correctly from the webinar
  3. Get the opportunity to win one coupon code to be redeemed for an Industrial LaunchPad
  4. Terms and Conditions apply



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