Learn how to get the lowest power from microcontrollers with EnergyTrace technology

MSP Microcontrollers are the Industry’s lowest power microcontrollers and this webinar provides you an overview of how EnergyTrace++™ technology supports engineers using MSP430FR59xx/MSP430FR69xx, FRAM based MSP product families to lower their system power. Now, EnergyTrace+ is finally here supporting TI’s brand new MSP432 Cortex-M4F based devices. Learn more on how EnergyTrace Technology integrates together in a single IDE environment with EnergyTrace 2.0. This session goes into identifying the features of MSP432™ while showcasing EnergyTrace+.


  • Tobias Leisgang is Systems Engineering Manager for Texas Instruments’ MSP430 MCU family. He’s responsible for a worldwide team defining and implementing system requirements for future MSP430 products based on market and customer needs. Tobias graduated with a diploma in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg/Germany in 2004. In the same year he joined Texas Instruments as a digital design engineer, where he was responsible for design and verification of a mixed-signal micro-controller.



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